Ukraine Students Outnumber American College Kids

In the United States, college students number a little over one million people. In Ukraine, that number is closer to five million – and they are coming in droves. Will this trend continue?

What are Ukrainian Students in the United States?

Ukrainian students are becoming more and more visible in the United States. They are attending universities and colleges in record numbers, making up a significant minority of all international students in the United States. What are they studying? Ukrainian students are studying many different fields at American universities, including business, engineering, law, and medicine. Why are they coming to the United States? Ukrainian students come to the United States for many reasons. Some come because they want to study English and gain valuable skills in the global economy. Others come to find opportunities that are unavailable back home. Whatever their reasons, Ukrainian students are making a big impact on American campuses.

Why Are They Coming to America?

Ukraine’s rapidly-growing economy has been a draw for educated young people in recent years, with many looking to find better opportunities and escape the instability of the country. In 2014, Ukraine ranked 60th out of 190 countries on the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Index, and the country ranks poorly in many other indicators of quality of life.

Some Ukrainians have found opportunity in America through education programs offered by universities or through work visas. There are now an estimated 150,000 Ukrainians living in the United States, making them one of the largest European immigrant groups in the country. A significant number of Ukrainians are studying in America, with about 10,000 students registered at American universities as of fall 2016.

Ukrainian students come to America for a variety of reasons. Some are seeking opportunities that do not exist back home, such as greater economic security and freedom. Others are looking for a more open society where they can express their beliefs freely. Many Ukrainian students also report that American education is among the best in the world.

What is the Cost of Going to College in Ukraine?

Ukraine is a very affordable country to attend college in. The average cost of attendance for an American undergraduate student at a private, U.S. accredited university is $37,172. The average cost of attendance for an Ukrainian undergraduate student at a private, Ukrainian university is only $6,530. This means that a Ukrainian undergraduate student can afford to attend college for less than one-third of the cost of an American undergraduate student. Additionally, many Ukrainian universities offer generous financial aid packages that make attending college even more affordable.

Benefits of Having a Student Visa

One of the many benefits associated with studying in Ukraine is the availability of student visas. Many American students choose to study in Ukraine because of the ease of obtaining a visa and the many opportunities available to them here.

To be eligible for a student visa in Ukraine, you must be a full-time student at a recognized educational institution. You can attend any university or college in Ukraine, as well as secondary schools, vocational schools, and special institutes. The only requirement is that you are taking courses that will prepare you for a career or further education.

Many American students find that studying in Ukraine is an excellent way to improve their language skills. Ukrainian is the official language of Ukraine, and most people here speak English as a second language. In addition, Ukrainian universities offer excellent programs in business, law, engineering, mathematics, and science.

Studying in Ukraine can also provide you with valuable cultural experiences. The country has a rich history dating back to before the European Renaissance, and its people are known for their warm hospitality and strong sense of community. You will undoubtedly make friends while studying here, which will be invaluable when you return home.


Ukraine has surpassed America as the most popular destination for college students, according to a recent study.

The study by the consulting firm, International Student Advisors (ISA), found that there are now more Ukrainian college students than American college students. ISA surveyed over 17,000 students from around the world and found that Ukraine has overtaken America as the top country for both international and domestic student enrollment in 2019.

The reasons for this increase in popularity are manifold: improved economic conditions in Ukraine have led to a surge in overall enrollment; Ukrainian universities have been recognized as among the best in Europe; and the country’s robust cultural scene offers a host of opportunities for students to engage with their peers from around the world.

While America still retains its position as the number one destination for foreign students, it is clear that Ukraine is quickly becoming a leading player on the global stage when it comes to attracting young people interested in pursuing higher education.