An Exclusive weekend master’s program designed for working professionals to attain their best translation delve by RACE, REVA University

[Bengaluru, Karnataka, October 3, 2023] The world is generating and collecting a huge amount of data with every passing second. We are living in a new era where organizations are adopting strategies pivoting towards data analytics as a cornerstone. Surprisingly recent surveys show that only 24% of marquee organizations have fully embraced this data-driven model. Pioneering organizations have already set standards to hire only data-literate personnel to navigate and thrive in the growing era of data and digital technology.

The advent of new tools and technologies has challenged us to adopt new ways of working, resulting in more efficient approaches to analyzing the data. Our pursuit of continuous learning must become the new norm if we want to remain competitive in this new era. Modern organizations require essential analytical skills to set and achieve practical goals.

The MS program in Business Analytics at REVA Academy for Corporate Excellence is tailored to meet the industry’s dynamic requirements and prepare aspirants for successful careers in data-driven decision-making.

This weekend learning program is curated with a bespoken curriculum to upskill existing professional with the necessary knowledge and skills to be competitive without creating any disruption in their career.

“We’re fueled by an unwavering belief that quality education holds the ultimate catalyst for success,” added Dr. Shinu Abhi, Director of Corporate Training, RACE, REVA University. “Through our Master’s in Business Analytics program, mentored by industry thought leaders, we’re wholeheartedly committed to arming every participant with high-powered techno-functional skills and hands-on learning experiences that will propel them to excel in the industry!”

The program offers an extensive curriculum covering full-stack analytics from data visualization and storytelling to data analysis, and presentation skills. It also offers in-depth technical and functional expertise in building Python, and ML/DL base applications, along with real-time industry-grade projects for active learning to develop multi-domain expertise opening doors to limitless opportunities. Moreover, with over 50 marquee organizations as placement partners and a thousand-plus expansive alumni network of professionals, we enable you to choose a promising career path in your chosen domain all within a competitive fee structure.

Applications are now OPEN for the 13th batch of the MS in Business Analytics program at RACE, REVA University. Ready to supercharge your career? Explore full program details at  today and start your analytics journey towards success!

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