Featuring Pushkar Jog and Smrity Sinha, Music Video ‘Duavaa’ Is Being  Appreciated By Everyone

It’s not even 24 hours that music video ‘Duavaa’ was released on the official music channel of T-series and it is receiving immense love from all over. ‘Duavaa’ is a soft romantic number which reinforces our belief in old school romances, dreaming to be with someone for life  and the importance of being in love itself.

The music video featuring actor Pushkar Jog and Smrity Sinha depicts the mood of a  couple who seem deeply in love with each other and having a good time with each other. As soon as the song was released today it was being widely watched on social media. Audiences are not only appreciating the lyrics and composition of the song but they are also  liking the chemistry between the lead pair of Pushkar Jog and Smrity Sinha.

Beautifully sung and masterfully composed by Nihar Shembekar, ‘Duavaa’ is fast gaining traction among the listeners and the viewers  and is on its way to top the music charts. Rajan Rupaal has written the soulful lyrics of the song while the music video has been superbly directed by Kalyani Pathak.

Pushkar Jog, the lead actor in the music video, is a well known Marathi actor who has carved a niche into the Hindi film industry and is considered as a reliable actor. Before being cast in this music video, Pushkar has worked in Hindi films such as ‘Hum Dono’, ‘Aisi Bhi Kya Jaldi Hai’, ‘Aazmaish’, ‘Huff! It’s Too Much’, ‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy’, ‘Goodbuddy Gadbadi’ etc. As a contestant, he also participated in ‘Big Boss Marathi’ in 2018 and emerged as the runner up of the show.

Talking about his experience of shooting for ‘Duavaa’, Pushkar Jog said, “Shooting for the song was one of the best experiences of my career.  We had a blast while shooting it. Director Kalyani Pathak was very clear about what she wanted from us and we just followed her instructions. And the results are here for everyone to see.”

He further thanked everyone for showering  so much love towards the song. He said, “We were pretty sure that once the song is going to be out, it will definitely make a place in the hearts of the people. But the kind of positive response we are getting for the song is unbelievable”.

Paired opposite Pushkar Jog, actor Smrity Pandey is a famous TV artist who has also worked in movies in multiple languages. Sharing her experience of shooting the song, Smrity Sinha said, ” Working in TV and later in films, I have featured in innumerable romantic songs, but shooting for ‘Duavaa’ was altogether a different and quite a magical experience. I am extremely grateful to people who have iked the song and have appreciated our work in the music video https://youtu.be/f4SoIho3ddU