Roll back into ancient time with ‘The Soul That Survived’ to unfold first human language

Although people have been able to communicate in various ways since the beginning of time, language remains the primary and most significant form of human expression. We may communicate our thoughts, feelings, and ideas to others using language. There are many other ways to communicate, including words, sentences, gestures, and facial expressions. But going back to when our ancestors were not equipped with language but still communicated. It has always been interesting to know about our first language as today, all across the world, we have so many languages. To let people discover about the same, a new documentary on Discovery, ‘The Soul That Survived‘, discovering our first human language, is all set to air soon. 

This story is about how the human survival instinct has strengthened us throughout history. One would learn from this documentary that as human communication developed, people painted on cave walls before writing was created to transmit their ideas, stories, and other creative works. There have been many proves of the same, like the Madhya Pradesh Rock Art is evidence of the tremendous creativity of prehistoric humanity, and it still astounds and inspires us today. This documentary will take viewers back 30,000 years in time while showcasing the breathtaking Madhya Pradesh cave paintings.

Digging up the past, this documentary will cover how the MP government has played a crucial role in preserving and promoting the state’s rock art. The documentary will unfold in different chapters; in the opening scene, montages will be used to establish the narrative, and a powerful voice-over by Jaaved Jaaferi  will be used to bring the history of human civilization and the beginnings of their tale of survival through life communication. They go in-depth and provide a montage of cave paintings using photos and animations using the archaeologist’s information. The narrators weave together the history of upper Paleolithic, Mesolithic, and Chalcolithic cave artists to tell the tale of the development of cave painting culture in places including Bhimbetka and Kathotiya.

Further, the importance of prehistoric Madhya Pradesh cave paintings, the history of cave dwellers, cave repair and conservation, and the never-ending tale and mystery of the ancient world will all be covered in the documentary. The documentary will also have renowned historians, archaeologists, and geologists who will give their expert insights. “Madhya Pradesh’s cave paintings are not just ancient art; they are the best-preserved whispers of humanity’s dawn, inviting us to marvel at the timeless mastery of our ancestors.”said by Sri Sheo Shekhar Shukla, I.A.S. Principal Secretary, Culture & Tourism,Govt. of Madhya Pradesh, India

From establishing communication from rocks to cave paintings, The Soul That Survived takes a dig into the deep-rooted history of communication unfolding many surprising factors. 

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